Charming Chairs

So I was browsing in my interior design folder, and I realized I have an entire folder full of chairs! Just chairs! All different types of amazing sit-upons! I wanted to chair them with you… View Post

2010 New York Fashion Week

Happy Monday, y’all! How was everyone’s weekend? What did ya do? Who did ya see? Update me, friends. Okay, lets get to it, topic of the day: New York Fashion Week. I know, I know.… View Post

Bucket List

This week has been an eye-opening one. With the loss of a great friend life quickly falls into perspective, and I began to re-access my priorities and lifestyle. Then, I sat for a minute, and… View Post

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, and for all us Catholics and most Protestants its kind of a big deal. So, I asked my fellow Catholic buddy Connor so share his thoughts… View Post

Winter Olympics

Friends, you have to forgive me for my lack of WINTER OLYMPIC 2010 COVERAGE! I yelled it because I’m crazy about the Olympics! Competition. Unity. Figure Skating. Rockin’ Opening Ceremonies. Uh, I could go on… View Post