Are You Ready To Rodeo?

For everyone who doesn’t know, I am a Texas gal, and Houston in March is one of my favorite times of the year! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo occurs every year during March, and… View Post

Elegant Entries

Hello, group! How is everyone on the magnificent Monday? I’m just doing dandy, and so thrilled Spring Break is just a few days away. We haven’t chatted about interior design much lately except for vacation… View Post

A rare weekend post

Upon special request a weekend post is necessary. Why is it necessary, you ask? Because I have done it. Something I have been asked about my entire life. The dreaded question. “Why don’t you smile… View Post


I have to apologize for being tardy again, but I was in a bit of a pickle this morning and had to take care of some serious birthday business for the Hunter. His 21st is… View Post

Laughter by Lauren

Hey group! Sorry I am little late on the post today, but school comes first… unfortunately. Anywho, today I bring to you a line of perfect pillows called Laughter by Lauren. I am so excited… View Post