The Tide- Kind of A Big Deal

So apparently people don’t like Wacky Wednesdays as much as I do. I will admit… its all about laziness. So out with wacky wednesdays, I will come up with something brilliant for next Wednesday. You will love it, I know you will. Anyway, on Monday the National Champions went to the white house and met our President. Whether you like Obama or not, they got to meet a President and go to the White House. I think thats pretty freaking cool. Y’all know where I stand in politics, if you know me at all, but still its the President of the United States! Yeah, and you know what the President said to our Coach! Just watch. Tide fans prepare yourselves. Its not pretty.

Sigh, I love that I live in the South. Oh, how could I forget! One of my very best friends, Tyler, is on the team, and he is in the video! They are all in suits and if I tried to explain which one he is, y’all would just hate me so I won’t attempt, but trust me. He’s there.

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  1. March 12, 2010 / 2:33 am

    "No I can't put that on. It'll mess up my…my 'doo." Oh my.

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