Wedding Wednesday: Louvienne by Lovely Bride

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today, I’m bringing you pure Lovely. And yes, by Lovely I mean Lovely Bride. I know. Try to contain yourself. Lovely launched their own exclusive collection, Louvienne. Cue screams. It went live on Green Wedding Shoes last week, and I have a feeling some of you might not read Green Wedding Shoes so you missed it. Also, start reading Green Wedding Shoes. You’ll understand me more as a person. Anywhooo, Louvienne is a collection that harnesses that effortless style all fabulous European women carry. The collection is only available at Lovely Bride and will be in the entire collective this Fall.












All photos via Green Wedding Shoes

So what do you think of the collection? Isn’t it to die for? Which gown is your favorite? I’m in love with all of them, but Tarren and Odette are my favorite. Engaged? Make your appointment with a Lovely today. You can also visit the Louvienne site here.

Happy Wednesday!

Interiors Tuesday: Hotel Emma in San Antonio, Texas

Over Labor Day, we toured Hotel Emma in San Antonio and I instantly fell in love. Well, I was already in love from stalking their site, but y’all. In person. Holy shirts and pants, it’s gorgeous. The old Pearl Brewery has quite the history behind it’s name “Emma.” Named after Emma Koehler who took over the brewery after her husband passed and innovatively kept the brewery open during Prohibition by converting operations to dry cleaning, auto repair, cream soda and even ice cream. Talk about a girl boss. I wish we could’ve been friends. The hotel has old world charm with new world chic. I’m also obsessed with the concept of converting old factories into something new instead of tearing down history and what a cool history The Pearl has! Also, interior designs Roman and Williams created a place you can only describe as truly scrumptious. The details in every nook make Hotel Emma easily the coolest hotel in America currently.





The library is for guests only and serves cocktails at happy hour. Oh, what I would give for a weekend retreat here.  hotel-emma-06

One of the incredibly charming suites.





images  courtesy of Architectural Digest and My Domaine

Can you even stand how amazingness that is this bathroom? I want to just move in.

Do you see now? To say I’m obsessed would be a total understatement. Has anyone had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Emma? If so, please share your experience. What’s your favorite hotel? I feel a fun hotel series coming on… anyone?

Weekly Wants // 9.26.16

I’m starting a new series called “Weekly Wants.” Essentially it’s a round up of all things I’m coveting throughout the week. A fun new way to see what the new trends are for each season and where to find each item. There are so many good things for Fall right now, I felt inspired. Fall tends to do that to me. I’m kind of loving everything, which Winston says is a chronic issue. Allegedly I say everything is “my favorite?” I’m not sure about this, but what I do know is my weekly wants is pure rose gold this week.




What are you currently coveting? Share your favorites with me! I’d love to know what’s on your wish list at the moment. Happy Monday, get it done.

Friday Finds



Anyone else just totally off this week? I won’t get into details because who really wants Debbie Downer on on a Friday, but whoa Nelly. Mama needs a drink and a reset button STAT. Looking forward to a clean slate next week and going to practice not being so hard on myself. Check out my Friday Finds for the weekend:

Definitely getting these flats because I’m a cool cat.

Love how The Everygirl does 30 day challenges. Thinking of attempting this one in October.

13 pairs of earrings to make any outfit.

How to build your fall wardrobe. Or just think about it if you live in Texas. It’s. So. Hot.

Brb moving to London and going to Sketch daily. 

Regardless of your political beliefs on the Syrian Refugee crisis, this little boy’s heart melts mine.

Manrepller kills it again with this story on Brangelina, Women, and Divorce. I might be #TeamJen – even though that was 11 freaking years ago and Jen is a tactful lady who is happily married to another man. This speaks to so many women out there. Girl power. I’m all about it.

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Winnie and I have a gender reveal in Dallas for our good friends; I’m thinkin’ pink! So many babies in my life these days – gotta stay away from that water. And tonight we’re going to a Penny & Sparrow concert. Haven’t heard them? You’re missing out. Check ’em out here.

Happy Friyay, party people!

Interiors Tuesday: Anthropologie Fall House and Home

Have y’all seen Athropologie’s new house and home for fall? Holy shirts and pants, y’all. It’s good. I want to live in like every inspiration story they did. I don’t even care which, just give me one. Isn’t Fall the best season?  Fall is the time to start fresh. New school year. New fall wardrobe. Entirely new fall living room, perhaps? Anthro is typically not my go-to for interiors, but they really outdid themselves. Think I’m going to have to add the house and home division to my repertoire. Their inspiration stories also give me the travel bug; winniebago and I might just have to go to Idaho or Cuba or Paris. I pick D. All of the Above. Take a look at all the goods.





I need two in each color.


You know my obsession with emerald and velvet. And it’s a sectional. I mean I’ve never wanted any home more in my life.



This wool chair is too yum. I would never get out of this in the winter.


39885884_046_b14 39885884_046_b15

Brb, moving into this inspiration story. The colors remind me of Morocco. And this daybed. Gimme.



This flower pendant needs to go in my dining room immediately.



It’s everything you could ever want or need in a bed.


It makes me tear up it’s so pretty.

39287370_020_b 39287370_020_b1

I really love this mid-century piece. It’s a fun accent to my more traditional taste.

See what I mean? Anthro is on fleek for fall. What are you favorite pieces from their new collection?