Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nook Details: Part 3

Last day of Nook details, I promise! I wanted to fully answer all your questions from the feature and them some!I hope y'all are enjoying the full detail tour. I've made y'all wait long enough to see it, the least I could do is share the deets. 

Several of y'all wanted to know about the monogram over my staircase. It's from Southern Proper Monograms, and it actually came in natural wood. I spray painted it gold to give it a little bit more pop on the stairs. 

I have a slight love affair with my desk calendar. I want to be every girl in it. They are so posh and chic. I feel like I'd be friends with all of them. Where do you find such goodness? Inslee, of course. Her work is amazing.

Another Marshall's find. Please don't hate me! Funny story, about these puppies, my work older brother has these in his house. The similarity totally freaked me about, but then I realized it's just fate. God wanted us to be friends so I just went with it. 

The apothecary jars are so from Marshall's, but you can honestly find them everywhere. I fill them with glitter! A little sparkle. I got ril fancy with it. My globe is such a timeless piece and it's from Z Gallerie. Similar here.

My kitchen rug is Vera Bradley. It's a super super old print, but I fell in love with it because it had pink elephants. It was pretty much made for me. Bonus, that pink was their breast cancer awareness print. Adorbs and fighting against the dreaded "c word." 

Photography by Kimberly Chau

A huge thanks to The Every Girl and Kimberly Chau for such experience and helping me mark something off my 101 in 1001!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Nook Source Details: Part 2

"Give me the goods, Cantrell." I know that's what y'all are all saying, and I'm prepared to hand 'em over. Whether you like the answers or not, well that's for you to decide. Okay, enough of the small talk...

I had so many questions about my matchstick blinds! They are actually pretty amazing, they let such great light in, but give enough coverage from the outside. Dig 'em. The previous tenant was actually nice enough to leave these for me before her big adventure across the bond, but you can get them at Lowes. My lovely robe was a bridesmaid gift from one of my besties. Gorg and functional. My kind of robe. 

So my nightstand was actually left by a previous tenant. I know. A friggin' steal! Who in the world would leave lucite? It's mind-boggling. Well, as the Grinch would say, "one man's toxic sludge is another man's popery." Have no fear CB2 hooked it up with some similar alternatives here, here, and here.

My biscuit was definitely a labor of love simply because I was very undecided on color scheme, but I finally just went it. Blue and white. Calming and restful. When I found Caitlin Wilson Textiles I knew I had to have these yummy Euro Shams. Duvet cover is an oldie but a goodie from Pottery Barn similar styles here and here.  

Photography by Kimberly Chau 

Final edition of details and Q&A tomorrow! Have a question about The Nook feature from The Every Girl? Ask and you shall receive. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Nook: Living Room

Wow. Y'all sure know how to make a girl feel special! I feel so honored to be featured on The Everygirl, and am excited to share some fun details with y'all today! I thought we'd start with my Living Room!

View from kitchen.  

My "Love" Print is by MadeByGirl. The print actually came as a wider, but I cut it down and slapped it in a gold frame with pink mat. It is the perfect size to use on the beam over my sofa, and a great way to utilize negative space in a small room.  

My lucite King Louie chair is a find from Marshall's Home Goods. I try to go there at least once a week to see if there are any hidden treasures on a bargain, and then BAM! I found this gem. 

My bookshelves are actually an Ikea hack. The add a great pop without taking up too much space visually and were only $40. Such a deal. I highly recommend these bad boys. I will do a "how to post" on these in the near future. 

Meet Count Blackula. He is a Black Buck and my first kill. He's my favorite piece of decor. He adds such personality to the room, don't you think? For everyone who is against hunting.... 1. I ate him. 2. I now decorate with him. His death was justified. Isn't he dreamy?

My favorite animal is an Elephant, and you can seem them scattered throughout The Nook. This piece is actually a thrift store find, but I always see them on One Kings Lane. This side table is so minimalistic piece, but still allows for a side table. 

Photography by Kimberly Chau

Have sourcing questions from The Everygirl feature? Tune in Monday for more of your sourcing questions answered!

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The EveryGirl Home Tour

Finally, "The Nook" makes it's debut! I'm so thrilled to announce I'm over on The Everygirl today. I can't wait to explain details, tips and tricks, before & afters and much more. Feel free to post your comments or questions here and on The Everygirl and tune in tomorrow for a little Q&A.

Happy Thursday, party people!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Me Forward

Y'all, it dropped 60 degrees in one day here in Texas. I'm freezin' my paws off down here! It's really hard for me to function actually, I don't handle cold well. At. All. I'm a bit cranky and less productive. Today, I'm dreaming of...

Outdoor dinner parties.

Hydrangeas galore. 

and Yachting. 

Three of my most favorite things. I can't wait for my spring wardrobe, weather, and new adventures. Can you believe we "spring forward" this weekend! What are you most looking forward to this Spring?

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

101 in 1001

One of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie of Design Darling started a To Do/Bucket list called "101 in 1001," and inspired me to make my own. Mackenzie felt 1001 days (2.75 years) was sufficient yet urgent enough to mark 101 things she's always wanted to do off her list, and I quite agree! She was so successful she's begun Part 2! The OCD in me digs her categorization. So without further ado here is my perfect list for 101 in 1001:

Starts March 1, 2014
Ends November 26, 2016

{1 complete, 100 to go!}

Personal (1/21)

1. Read two books a month and post reviews.
2. Adopt a signature dish for dinner parties.
3. Become a member of a church.
4. Unplug an hour before bed for 30 days. (No internet, Netflix, Phone, etc.)
5. Successfully do the splits.
6. Get my CHL.
7. Memorize the books of the bible in order.
8. Refurbish a piece of furniture.
9. Organize my photos in iPhoto.
10. Create an up-to-date address book.
11. Adopt a puppy. (February 21, 2014, I know. Before March 1, 2014 but so stinkin' close!) Meet Riggins!
12. Establish a new budget.
13. Treat my parents to dinner.
14. Join a new bible study.
15. Spend the entire day in my jammies watching movies.
16. Join an organic co-op.
17. Frame my diploma... finally.
18. Organize my iTunes.
19. Eat alone at a restaurant.
20. Memorize 10 bible verses.
21. Research my ancestry.

Investments (0/8)

22. Invest in a classic pair of work pumps.
23. Invest in a timeless pocketbook.
24. Invest in blog business cards.
25. Invest in a new computer.
26. Invest in new custom stationery.
27. Purchase a piece of original art.
28. Invest in the perfect pair of Chanel flats.
29. Buy my own gun.

Travel (0/10)

30. Travel abroad more than once.
31. Travel to see my ski-bum friends.
32. Go to Marfa, Texas.
33. Take a spontaneous road trip with best friends.
34. Visit my friend Elizabeth in DC.
35. Visit my Best Buddy, Jerry in Alabama.
36. Go on a mission trip.
37. Visit my childhood summer camp.
38. Go to a blogging conference.
39. Go to my first Alabama game in Bryant-Denny since graduating. Roll Tide.

Health & Fitness (0/13)

40. Get my kipping pull-up in Crossfit.
41. Run a marathon.
42. Make every meal for 30 days.
43. Ride the MS-150.
44. Crossfit 5 times a week for 30 days.
45. Get my shaky hands professionally checked.
46. 25 by 26.
47. Complete 1,000 burpees in 30 days.
48. Complete 30 day Paleo Challenge.
49. Compete in a Crossfit Competition.
50. Take a Pure Barre Class.
51. Work out every day for 30 days.
52. Set a new PR for my mile time.

Texas (0/8)

53. Find 10 favorite restaurants in Dallas.
54. Find a local coffee shop and ditch Starbucks.
55. Re-float the Guadalupe River.
56. Hike Enchanted Rock again.
57. Go to another concert at Cynthia Woods.
58. Canoe Buffalo Bayou.
59. Go to the Texas State Fair.
60. Revisit the Houston Museums.

For Fun (0/29)

61. Create a coffee table memory book of my best college memories.
62. Go hunting again.
63. Give a super cute waiter my phone number. :)
64. Throw a surprise party.
65. Go paddle boarding.
66. Go on a picnic.
67. Send 5 awesome care packages to family and friends.
68. Go to a Katy Perry concert.
69. Write a "God Forbid" letter and entrust it to a friend.
70. Go to a masquerade party.
71. Ride an Elephant.
72. Have a muddy football game with all my friends.
73. Memorize the American Presidents in order.
74. Have a heart to heart while watching the stars.
75. Attend a musical festival.
76. Complete a needlepoint pillow.
77. Have my palms read.
78. Host a brunch.
79. Go riding again. I truly miss it. (Horseback that is)
80. Karaoke a song solo. Taking requests.
81. Go skydiving again.
82. Gamble at a Casino.
83. Make a Rue.
84. Allow myself to go on a shopping spree.
85. Have a spa day.
86. Go Whitewater Rafting.
87. Begin playing Tennis regularly.
88. Go outdoor rock climbing.
89. Stay out until the sunrises.

Professional (0/12)

90. Win a blog award.
91. Have my home published in a major magazine or blog.
92. Be brave enough to begin doing regular fashion posts.
93. Start my own company.
94. Make a group of "blog friends."
95. Up my photography game & use original images for the blog.
96. Design a space that isn't my own.
97. Have my new home professionally photographed.
98. Do a collaborative blog series.
99. Get blog sponsor(s).
100. Write a recipe post.
101. Create a Media Kit.

I'd love to hear if you were inspired to write your own, tweet me the link or comment here and I will add you below!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Wants: Kate Spade Everything

Y'all, I went to the new Kate Spade Flagship store in Highland Village this weekend. It's pretty much my Mecca. I want everything. Every. Single. Thing. 

Bon Voyage Travel Wallet for my upcoming travels. 1000% necessary. 

Margie Top. Can you even? It's perfect.

Charming Key Bracelet. Gotta represent ma KKG fam. Obvi. 

Did anyone else go the grand opening this weekend? It's to die for. I highly recommend it if you live in Houston. How was everyone's weekend? I have big news. I will share tomorrow...

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cat Confessions: Week 3

I sent a screenshot to the wrong person... and lied about it. I was texting with a certain someone when I received a text that surprised me. I was freaking out about what to say, so I used my favorite life line, "Screenshot the conversation and text your best friend." I quickly took a screenshot and without thinking, clicked "chose existing" and fired that bad boy off with the caption "Um, what?" He quickly responded, "Huh?" I about died. Thankfully, he didn't realize what I was doing and just responded, "Wait, my phone is freaking out! Not sure what's happening. Call me later! :)" Yeah, I definitely knew what was happening...

I love Quizzes. Not academic quizzes. Quizzes like "What celebrity are you?" "If you were an American President, who would you be?" Buzzfeed is my particular favorite site for said quizzes at the moment. They are just fun! I may or may not be a 13 year-old trapped in a 25 year-old body.

Elephants. Favorite animal ever. Naturally, my college mascot was en elephant. There is just something so magical about them. They are enormous, yet gentle and stinkin' smart! I'm planning a trip with a friend to a destination where you can ride them in the wild. I have no other reason for going to said place. Stay tuned. The trip is going to be uh-mazing.

I hate feet. They are sick. Ugh, I just really despise them. Most of the time they are cold and ugly. The unkept feet are the worst. I try to get a pedicure every two weeks for scheduled maintenance. I know, it's a really weird thing and I can't even explain my dislike. Maybe a follow up post on this is in order once I can put into words my disgust.

I used to eat sticks of butter. When I was little I apparently loved me some butter. I was caught multiple times eating butter, and mom had to put it on the highest shelf in the refrigerator. I think about it now and throw up in my mouth a little. I still maintain butter is great on everything, but eating it plain makes my stomach turn a bit.

Have you ever sent a screenshot to the wrong person? Eaten stick(s) of butter? I hope my confessions make your week a little brighter! Can't get enough? More embarrassing confessions here and here. Share a confession, it's a safe space! 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Quote: Don't Give Up

This might be one of my favorite quotes and so important for me to remember. I have a tendency to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), and sometimes it takes away from my long-term goals. Must remember to focus. 

Does anyone else have this problem?

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cat Confessions: Week Two

I love Eminem. I do. His music. His 'tude. The whole enchilada. He made it in a world and an industry that was severely against him. His will and determination to be someone is truly inspiring. Homeboy even has an Oscar. Top of my celebrity crush list. Side note: I can rap "Lose Yourself" like nobody's business.

I hate rain. Everyone always raves about a great "rainy sunday" to snuggle in bed. I hate it. The rain not the snuggling. In Houston, we have pretty violent thunderstorms, and I've been terrified since I was little. I don't know if it will ever change. Going through a tornado in college did not help my weather phobia. I have a slight panic attack anytime it thunders. Epitome of a Scaredy-Cat.

I drive like a 17-year-old. Fast. With the windows down. Blaring music. Singing my heart out. It's really one of my favorite ways to decompress. I  take myself too seriously sometimes, but driving like this makes me truly joyful. Try it. I promise it's just as fun as when you were 17.

Red Gatorade and Gardettos. My go-to road trip food. It's really the perfect combination. I only allow myself to eat Gardettos on road trips since they are so bad for you, and I so look forward to filling up and grabbing my trip snacks on the way out of town.

Inside out Pants. About a month ago, I was in a store and tried on a pair of jeans. I decided I wasn't crazy about them, and was in a hurry to complete the rest of my to do list before lunch. I threw on my workout leggings and bounced out of the store. Drove to another store to return something with my leggings inside out, tag showing for the world to see. I had NO idea until I got home. So. Stinking. Embarrassing.

Have a funny confession? Have you worn your pants inside out in public? Tell me. Tell me! Check out last week's confessions here.

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