Monday, September 28, 2015

Beautycounter Giveaway!!

Have y'all heard of Beautycounter? If not, it's okay, I hadn't either until my favorite counselor of all time messaged me and asked me if I wanted to try some free samples. Um, duh. Of course, I want free samples. So I got this cutie little box in the mail and I love it, y'all. The best part? They are actually safe products. How refreshing is that? No animal bi-products and no harmful chemicals.

There are 1,500 chemicals they've banned in their products for their own health and safety standards, yet the US has only banned 8. 8?! I mean I'm an American through and through, but if I'm going to practice clean eating, buying organic, working out, but then when I put on my face, my beauty products are toxic. Um no. Get it together, American cosmetic industry. I will get off my soap box, but I think it's so important to not put chemicals on your skin because guess what?! That sh*t absorbs into your body. Your skin is the largest organ you have. I know, my mind was blown as well. You can read more about Beautycounter's mission here and shop the products here.

On to the good stuff, so I teamed up with Margie Quina, Senior Director at Beautycounter, for this ballin' giveaway! We're giving away skin tint of your choice, lip sheer in Twig - the best color ever, and amazing navy eyeliner, my favorite color for fall. So ya know, your bare necessities of life. You. Are. Welcome. People.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will announce the winner Friday, October 9th at noon!! Good luck everyone!!!! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Design Crush: Andrew Brown

I saw Andrew Brown on La Dolce Vita few weeks ago, and I kind of can't stop thinking about him. His Birmingham cottage is my dream. It's collected, cozy and is traditional with a modern twist. His home was originally featured in the July/August Veranda. I can't wait to be featured in Veranda... dream big, right? I'm currently obsessing over amazing artwork and his home is the jackpot. The nude in his entry is incredible. The beauty of the space is that it's feminine without being "girly" and masculine without being a "man cave" *sticks tongue out*. His home makes you want to ask about his travels because you know he got his African tribal mask on a trip to Zambia while visiting orphans for two days and then doing a photographic safari. What I'm trying to say with that run on sentence, is every piece in his home has a story. A reflection of his well-lived life. Take a look at this goodness.

images via Veranda

Are y'all as blown away as I am? Isn't it scrumptious? I've always loved Birmingham, maybe he needs a roomie... I don't take up much space. I won't even bring any of my belongings, his are way better. 

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Noun: Friendationship

That blurred line of friend and something more. A lot of us 20-somethings have this person. But what does it mean? Are you emotionally inept? Are you delusional thinking this person wants to be with you when they really thing you're just their friend? OR this there something there? Something inexplicable, you and that person know is there, but aren't ready to act on it. Well, act. Time is too valuable to not know. Sh*t or get off the pot so to speak.

Call Said Friend Out. Face it. It's not working this current situation you found put yourself in, and it needs to be addressed. You drive yourself crazy with the "what-ifs" and the "somedays." Ya know what, some people don't get a someday. Your life is now. Not tomorrow and not possibly with a person who isn't brave enough to tell you're "friends only" or "forever." Call them out.

Come Clean. Do you want more? Or do you consider them just a friend? Either way, you must come out with it. It's the correct and healthy thing to do for the both of you. This song and dance about "oh, we're really just friends" and then making out every time you see one another. Unacceptable. You're way too old for this business.

Assess What You Want: Do you want to be with them? Or is it just convenient because no one else is knocking-your-socks-off, currently? Totally normal. We all want someone to text all the time, send smiley-faces to, or eat pizza and have a binge-watching marathon of House of Cards. Duuuhhh, but you two are currently dysfunctional, weird, and confusing not only you but your entire world. Help me, help you.

Be Okay With Either All Result Options. One of my good gal-pals always says, "trust the process." She usually says it in a completely facetious way, but it's a must. Take some time to think through all the possible outcomes and be okay with all of them. Essential for your sanity. Friends. Couple. Not friends. Kind the only three ways it can turn out. It could take some time to process so we'll hold.

Move On. Whether it be together, alone, or as friends you need to move on. Your heart and head will feel 1,000 times better knowing what will come of you and your friend. No more friendationship. It's not even a real word. Unlike, bootylicious... which you are, so go on with your bootylicious self! Grow a pair. Talk to the person. You can do this.

Know people currently in a "friendationship?" Share this with them. They need to know the madness must end.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Dining Room Dilemma

Help. So moved back to Houston as you know, and I'm loovvvvinnnggg doing something totally different with the bachelorette pad, with a fellow bachelorette. Das right, I gotss a roomie. She's the bees knees.  I think that's why moving is fun for me. I hate the packing part and am actually pretty awful at it, but the unpacking; pure bliss. The thought of coming up with a new way to use my current pieces, repainting, hanging art, getting new! All of the things. People, I'm having a large dining room issue though. Lacquering my table, staining it a dark wood, or leaving it as is and using a great table cloth. I'm giving you examples, and I need you to weigh in heavily... 


Pro: Fresh clean look with our bright chairs adding an amazing pop of color. 
Con: Does this mean I have too much high-gloss furniture? Is there such a thing? You tell me. 

Dark Stain

Pro: Allows chairs to be the fun focal point of the space. Also adds a timeless elegance to the space.
Con: I've never stained a piece of furniture, and I get nerv about it. Or if I have an expert do it, will I like the end result? 

Table Cloth

Pro: This is the current look we're rocking. Meaning nothing would have to be done and no monies would be spent. 
Con: Is it too frilly? I mean, I'm super-girly don't get me wrong, but is it a man repellent? We're trying to be girly yet inviting. Nah mean? 

So which do you like? Do you see the problem? It could go any of the ways and be spectacular. 

images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Life Lately

I stopped blogging over a year ago because I moved to Dallas for an amazing career opportunity; which really didn't allow much time for blogging. Traveling 28 weekends out of the year with no extra day off leaves your brain to do the bare necessities of life: eating, sleeping, attempting to catch up on laundry repack for the next trip. Rather, rinse, repeat.

When I got the opportunity of a lifetime to move back to Houston to Mia Bridal Couture, where my bridal career began... I couldn't arrive fast enough. And then... ya know what? Hometown people began to tell me, they read my blog and missed it! Y'all, I was kind of blown away. I thought it was just my close friends who I guilted into reading or my absurdly supportive mom. But, people I didn't even realize that liked me! One bride who came into the store, and bought her gown told her mom, "Yeah! Cat has the amazing blog and her apartment is so cute." *Hair flip* I've missed blogging so much over the past year, and my Houston crew definitely inspired me to bring it back. For good.... I think! Yay!

Here's what's on my radar for the weekend:

My next day off, I will be here. Iris Apfel is truly my spirit animal. 

Winnie and I always discuss extravagant trips we're going to take together, when we go to Italy, we're going to stay here. Called it.

Nicky Hilton's wedding gown. You'll die and go to bridal gown heaven. Trust me.

This Anthropologie romper though. Need.  

Happy Friday!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Love For Liza #LoveForLiza

Want to make a difference this Christmas? My gal pal, Liza Haynie Heaton needs you. She's in the fight of her life against Synovial Sarcoma. This type of cancer is a rare form of cancer targeting young adults. Liza is one of the most amazing women I know. Brilliant, funny, sweet as pie, and the strongest person I know.

Thank y'all so much for your love and support. #LoveForLiza
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

5 Tips To Getting Over A Break Up

  The other day, I was on the phone with a friend who had gotten broken up with, and things were really not going well. They felt like they were at a stand still. Why couldn't they get over said ex? What had they done wrong? The "going to be alone forever" statement was said multiple times. Ya know, the whole kit and caboodle. Y'all. If you saw this person you'd die. I mean drop dead gorgeous, brilliant beyond belief, and has one of the biggest hearts I've known in my short quarter of a century here on earth. But what was it? It had been a while (at least six months) and they still weren't over it. And this tool, was still captivating their thoughts and more importantly their heart.  Break ups are the. worst. Take if from someone who falls hard and fast. Call it intense, crazy or psycho. You can really call it whatever the hell you want, but those are the facts. I love people fully. I love them to my core, and that makes getting over someone 1000 times harder when things crash and burn. Want to know a little secret? I'm still a badass, even after being cheated on, lied to, and down right played by a few jokers in my life. Blunt and honest is back at it. I'm giving you my 5 secrets on how I got over my most recent ex.

1. Stay Busy 
Currently, downtime is your enemy. It lets your mind wander, and makes you want to crawl into bed and watch Titanic for the one-millionth time. (Spoiler alert: Kate is selfish and lets Jack die while she's on that damn door.) You need to be constantly doing something. Happy hour? Last minute road trip with semi-randos? Church? Shopping? E. All of the above. Movement is good. Keep on, keepin' on. The more you're in public, the less inclined you are to burst into tears. No one actually bursts into tears in Nordstrom. It's too lovely of a place. 

2. Exercise
"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't kill their husbands. They just don't." Thank you, Elle Woods. Now, I'm not saying you were ever on the verge of killing someone, my point is exercise. What better way to release frustration than working out! They say they best revenge is being happy, right? Next time you run into the loser who let you go, you'll look smokin' and be chemically high. Thanks, Crossfit. Ya saved me on that one. 

3. Focus On You
Okay, I'm here to say this piece of advice was the most annoying when I broke up with the last lame-o, but I semi-get it now. When people told me that, I was devastated. I pictured my life with the person, and now that wasn't going to be case. Of course I was going to focus on myself! I HAD NO ONE ELSE TO FOCUS ON... idiots.  I think what they mean, is become the best version of yourself. Read all those books you keep buying on your kindle. Go to Spain. Make out with that hot boy/girl you always wondered about innocently. Dance on the table. Get on Tinder. Go on a date with someone different every night of the week. You know why? Because you CAN. It's you time, baby. Milk it. 

4. Trust
This one is important. Maybe read this point twice for good measure. Trust. Trust in The Lord. For me, I believe in Jesus so that's who I trust with every fiber of my being, but if Jesus isn't your jam, trust in the universe, Buddah, Allah, that good things will happen for you. God won't show you gold and give you silver. If you've always pictured yourself with 6 babies, a white picket fence, and a hot spouse. Well dammit, you'll have it. Just not with said person who just exited. 

5. Delete. Delete. Delete. 
In a world of social media, it seems pretty impossible to make a clean break. The jerk keeps posting all over your instagram, becoming facebook friends with hot people, tweeting hysterical tweets, and talking to randomly on g-chat just to "see how you're doing." "Yeah, I'm good, bro. Gotta go." No. No. Not acceptable. You delete their ass. Immediately. It's not immature. It's for your own personal sanity! You don't need to be seeing tagged photos of them hanging all over their new bar rebound, and you certainly to not need to be talking to them in any form or fashion. Delete them from everything. Yes, that also means your phone. Don't give yourself the opportunity to drunk call or text "WHY! WHY DID YOU DO THIS!" or "I just miss you" or "Can we talk?" You don't need them. You're out doin' you. Bein' a rockstar. And if they contact you? That's on them, but do. not. reply. I repeat. Do not. Things end for a reason, no need to drag your emotions through anymore heart-ache. "Ain't nobody got time for that."

I promise things will be okay. It might be the end of this relationship, but it's certainly not the end of your life! There is time, and time is on your side. Go have your adventure. There is a big bright world out there just waiting for you to make your mark. You are not defined by your break up. You still rock. 

Are you recently out of a relationship? What helped you say "sayonara sucker?" Tell me, tell me. I've got a friend in need here. 

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekly Quote: Successful People

I love this! A great reminder success comes to those who work hard and never gift up. How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Are you twenty lbs. bigger? I definitely am... yikes. This week, I'll be sharing my gift guides! Yay!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 Must-have Items for a Well Organized Carry-On

I travel 28 weekends out of the year for work. Exciting? Yes. Exhausting? Also, yes. Traveling can really take it out of you. The lines, the invasive pat-downs, taking off your shoes. Traveling since 9/11 has become drastically more difficult, but I'm here to help. I have the best travel items to ensure your carry-on is organized and lovely, making your travel experience as pleasant as possible.

Organized Carry-On

1. Lo & Sons OG Bag - This bag is my life. It has compartments for everything. Don't believe me? Watch the video. I'm completely obsessed and get compliments when heading through security. I have the black/tan/gold.

2. Happy Plugs Earbuds - Earbuds are key. Whether it's listening to music, an audiobook or catching up on the latest episode of Scandal earbuds are a key item for me. I love my gold happy plug earbuds.

3. Travel Wallet - A travel wallet is a must. I received a yummy Kate Spade one for my birthday. I love how they have a pocket for your boarding pass and your passport. No need to fish around your carry-on for either, each item is tucked neatly away with it's assigned spot. It makes 5:00 AM security lines a bit more pleasant.

4. Cashmere Pillow and Blanket - Have you ever used an airplane blanket? Yuck. I'm always nervous I'll get the blanket that actually isn't new and has some sort of fungus or lice. Gross. A travel blanket, neck pillow, and eye-mask allows you to sleep away your flight and feel a bit more at home.

5. Tieks - I wrote a review on these puppies a while back here, but I can't tell you enough how much I love my Tieks. The best travel flat around. So easy to slip on and off when going through security, and they feel like pillows for your feet. Cutie colors for every outfit, lovely packaging upon arrival, and a customer service team who is out of this world. I adore Tieks and everything they stand for... get them. You won't regret it.

Do you travel often? What are your to-go's for travel essentials? I'd love to hear them!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly Quote: Stop Making Excuses

The Every Girl is one of my favorite websites for many reasons, but I think my favorite part is how inspiring it is to see other women makin' things happen.

I love this print. Stop making excuses and just do things. You can buy it here! Shop any of their goodies as well for the rapidly approaching Christmas season here.  Hint: I want everything. Happy Monday, Party People. Do things.
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