Thursday, September 18, 2014

5 Life Lessons Friends Taught Me

I watch Friends religiously. I have no shame. It's a week night ritual, and I truly enjoy it. I have all 10 seasons on DVD, yet there is something about the mystery of the next episode on Nick at Nite. Gets me every time, and next thing ya know... it's midnight and that horrid George Lopez man is invading my flat screen. I digress.

Growing up, I always idolized the group of six for their entire dynamic. Their apartments, their jobs and their lives. How amazing were they? Rachel worked at Ralph Lauren (ultimate dream job). Monica married her best friend, makes my hopeless romantic heart melt. Joey was a famous actor. Etc. Their lives seemed pretty freakin' awesome...

Now that I'm in my 20's, I see things 1000% different. 

1. Dating is the worst. Ross and Rachel, anyone? The time it took them to get together. I mean seriously... and then when they were "on a break!" Really? Really, Ross. Chandler dated Janis twice, out of sheer fear of being alone. Monica had "fun bobby" who was really a raging alcoholic. Pheobe and David. Still not over him going to Minsk. Relationship after relationship for each character for ten. freaking. seasons. before ending up with their lobster.

2. Your job won't be amazing career... for a while. Think about the episodes: Rachel worked at Central Perk until she figured out her passion for fashion. It wasn't until whining at the burger joint where Monica worked, and had her fake uniform boob set on fire, when Rachel landed the Bloomingdales gig. Did I mention Monica had to wear a fake boob that caught on fire before becoming a serious chef? Jobs in your 20's suck. They are your foundation. Your stepping stone.

3. Your friends will annoy you. Don't lie. Your friends annoy you. It's normal. We all do things that really just chap another person's *ss, and ya know what? That's okay. The writer's of Friends do an amazing job portraying this with the group. The episode where Chandler starts smoking again is the perfect example. Chandler turns the table on the group and points out their annoying habits. Joey cracks his knuckles, Ross over-pronounces every word ("Pivot"), Monica snorts when she laughs. Your friends will annoy you. I promise.

4. Roommates. Can't live with 'em. Cant live without 'em. Pheobe hates living with Monica so much, she moves out gradually. Joey basically lived with Chandler for free for 5 years because he was always out of work, and then let them get robbed? Ross had a vaporizer, need I say more? Rachel didn't even know where the trash shoot was in the building. Bottom line, roommates are tough! Sometimes you love them, like when Rachel lives little notes to Monica on the mirror when she's in the shower or when Joey and Chandler watch Bay Watch. Roomies are the best and the worst all at the same time.

5. Your 20s are supposed to suck. The biggest lesson of Friends is that your 20s are supposed to suck. Life is hard, and things don't just happen instantly. They teach you how to suck with style. It takes time to create that dream career, or find your lobster, but you have your friends who are suckin' it up right there with ya. They were all poor. They were all heart-broken. They all hated their job at some point, and they were all in their 20s. While Friends is arguably the best show of all time; it should give all us 20-something guys and gals some perspective. It's not just you. It's all of us. We're all on this struggle bus together. Life is gonna suck sometimes, but your friends are going to be there for you. You will land that dream job. Your lobster, he/she is out there - you'll find 'em. You won't always be poor. In the end, their lives were awesome. Ours will be too. We just have to persevere. Laugh a lot, and keep our friends close. So go ahead, make your bestie that friendship bracelet. Send that cheesy text. Toast to "good times with great friends." Grab your twenties by the cajones, and have a hell one hell of a time.

Anyone else ever analyzed the deeper meaning of Friends or am I the lone ranger? What's your favorite Friends episode?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

It's the last week of summer, and I have to say... I'm kind of excited. I love summer, but Fall. There's just something about it. It's magical. Fall means plaid, and boots, and cozying up to that cute boy you've been shamelessly flirting with all summer. It also means: sweater weather. My favorite. I wanted to share my sweater weather staples with Fall.

Cashmere// Cashmere pieces are key for Fall. I love cashmere because you can dress it up or down, and still feel like you're wrapped in a woobie. Obsessing over this J. Crew cashmere tee currently.  

Zara leggings

Leggings// I believe in leggings. They are my absolute go-to for fall. You can pair them with a great sweater, top, or even a tee and tennie's to a quick trip to the grocery. My favorite pair is from Zara. I also love J.Crew's signature legging.

Hunter Rain Boots

Boots// If you give a girl a dress... she'll want some boots to go with it. (Please note the reference to If You Give A Moose A Muffin) Boots are a huge staple for my fall wardrobe. High, low, rain, brown, black. I have all the categories covered. Fall is when my feet are the happiest. Snuggled in warm socks underneath the cutest boots for fall. Hunter boots are a personal favorite. 

Burberry Scarf

Scarves// Scarves are my jam in the fall. It's such a simple way to switch an entire look without changing. They also keep you so cozy on those blustery fall days. My burberry scarf is my all time favorite.

What are your fall wardrobe staples?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Quote: Be Patient.

Had a chat with my friend about this, this weekend. I must remember patience is the key. A virtue I most certainly do not have. Here's the the unexpected! How was everyone's weekend? 

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Quote: How To Be Successful

In a world of social media, it's hard to remember to focus on yourself. This week, tune everything and everyone out... focus on your own sh*t. Check things off your list. Go the extra mile. Go get 'em, tiger. 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Emmy Award Red Carpet Style

I really love award shows - not for the awards, but for the fashion. The gowns are always so scrumptious and lovely, okay well most of them. Here are some of my favorite's from last night's show...

Allison Williams

Hayden Panettiere

Sarah Hyland

Zoe Deschanel

What were your favorites? Did I miss a goodie? Can you guess which is my absolute favorite from last night? 

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Quote: She Sees Possibility Everywhere

motivational quotes

Gals, be a doer. A thinker. See possibility everywhere, and look fabulous doing it. 

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Friday, August 22, 2014


Black Bow Pumps
I need this, this and these for my wardrobe
Style Me Pretty's Best Bridal Buns - perfect for brides and their maids
Dealing with that quarter-life crisis? Refinery29 can help. Praise the Lord.

Happy weekend, Party People!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Mia Bridal Couture, Houston, Texas

Mia Bridal Couture in Houston, Texas holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. Not only did sister and two of my best friends find there wedding gown here, but it's how I got my start in the bridal industry. Today, we take a tour of Mia's new location, which opened in April, and chat with Jill Nelson, owner of Mia Bridal Couture, about the new space and makes it the best bridal salon in Houston.

Jill Nelson

Store: Mia Bridal Couture
Location: Houston, Texas
Owner(s): Jill Nelson & Starla Flake

How did Mia get it's start, and why the name "Mia?" 
While working with Starla at Brickhouse Bridal, we tried to get couture designers to let us carry their gowns, but they wanted a Houston address, not The Woodlands.  That, in combination with the closing of a couple couture bridal salons in Houston, we decided in 2006, it was time to open a couture shop. 

After many brainstorming sessions, we decided upon Mia Bridal Couture.  Mia in Spanish means “mine” and during the naming process someone said, “I like Mia, because it’s all about MEEEE-a!”  That’s right, it’s all about the bride!

Mia Bridal Couture

The new shop is absolutely stunning; what was your inspiration for the new space?
We really wanted to keep the flavor of the West Gray space and mix in some glamourous and modern touches.  By using the chandeliers, vases, antique Asian panels and the specialty bubble mirror, we kept a similar feel.  We incorporated silver gray sofas, large mercury glass framed mirrors and new shiny vases to blend with the original pieces.

Bubble Mirror

What is your favorite design aspect of the new space? 
I love that the space has wonderful, comfortable couture, inviting feel about it. Brides walk in and feel welcomed, never intimidated.

Mia Bridal Couture

Describe the experience at Mia. How do you achieve creating such an amazing experience, in what can be a stressful time for a bride?  
We feel that when a bride is searching for her wedding gown that it should be a fun, enjoyable process.  We have created a space that lends itself to a wonderful experience, and our team takes it from there.  The Mia team is committed to assisting brides with their knowledge, expertise and eyes for fashion.

You were a design major in college; did you always know you wanted to work in bridal? 
I started working part time at a bridal salon in 1998, and have never looked back.  I began in the salon’s alterations department conducting fittings and worked with brides on Saturdays.  Bridal is something that is in you or it’s not.  If it’s part of you, it’s hard to think of doing anything else – it’s in me for sure!

What is one tip you give to brides when helping them choose their dream gown? 
Relax, enjoy the experience and pay attention to how you feel.  Choosing a dress, in the end, is about a feeling.  When a bride feels amazing in her gown, she will look her very best – that shows on the wedding day!

If you could choose any dress in your store, which would it be? 
The answer to that changes every time we go to market.  I chose the gown I wore for my wedding at a market and Starla and I always asks each other, “What was your favorite gown at market?” at the close of each buying trip.  Right now, I am LOVING Sareh Nouri’s stunning Sophie Hallette lace and sleeves as in the Asi gown – absolutely breathtaking!

Sareh Nouri Asi Gown

Thanks so much, Jill! Isn't the store a complete dream? It's everything. The sea of white, the delicious decor, the knowledgable staff, Mia Bridal Couture is simply wedding heaven. Recently engaged? Mia is your store.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Versus That: Pancakes v. Waffles



images 1, 2

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. For many reasons: nutrition, energy, attitude. I mean it sets you up for how your day is going to go, really awesome or really lame. It's a crucial decision. One breakfast can make or break an entire day of your life. Dramatic? Meh, I take food pretty seriously. Hangry Kitty is more like hangry lion. So which is it? Pancake or Waffle? We're throwin' down the gauntlet today.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Weekend + Links!

Image via

Happy Weekend! We did it! So thrilled it's arrived. I'm off to Indiana this weekend for a trunk show, but couldn't be more excited! Here are some weekend links for some serious veg browsing. 

Robin Williams Stand Up on Golf. Pure Brilliance. Genie, you will be missed.

Low back wedding gown trend = sexy back

Updated my 101 in 1001. Start your own list and comment! I will repost

The adorable store where I will be working this weekend here

I want to "say yes" to this sweatshirt from J. Crew. Seriously perfect for my job

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