A Whole New Chapter

I’ve contemplated restarting the blog about nine million times since college, but inevitably, something happens. I get distracted or tired or see how flooded the blogosphere’s become since I started this puppy back in the day… and the thought loses all traction.

2020 however, brings a lot of change for me and it only seems right to chronicle it in someway! We’re having a baby, moving to a farm, redoing a farmhouse, continuing to run my company, making the farm into a haven, the list goes on and on! Plus, honestly miss blogging. So here I go again on my own… *cue Whitesnake.*

I hope y’all enjoy the new venture as City Cat becomes Farm Cat. It’s going to be a real life Green Acres situation. I’ll most likely look like Moira Rose with my outfits in my new town and will share the adventure along the way. Plus, fashion, interior updates, wedding inspiration, mom life etc. Ya know, the old Perpetual Perfection, just life as it is now! So follow along as City Kitty becomes a Barn Cat.

I’m excited to share my life with y’all again and create “content” which hopefully everyone enjoys, but if not, for me to document the adventure of our new life.


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