The Before: Interior

Who doesn’t love a good before and after? That good, gratifying, “I did nothing to help in this process, but now I feel like I’ve accomplished something. When really I’m sitting in my robe at 2:30 pm on a Tuesday eating left over cold pizza because I just don’t have it in my to do life today feeling” so I’m giving it to ya today. The before anyway. Please note: it’s rough. Our house we’re slowly making into a home is a 1937 farmhouse which was abandoned for years. Abandoned might be a bit strong. Untouched, is better. The family who lived here grew up and out. The farmer who’s since passed, lived in town as he got older and was unable to care of it as I envisioned he did when he was in his prime.

As we’re working through the house – you can see remnants of memories of his family. It warms my heart while cursing my agreement to move into an 84-year-old home which needs a total gut job. Lines of how tall they were in the doorway to the kitchen, “Hello, my name is Eugenia” stickers stuck on the inside of a closet door, a broomstick as replacement closet rod because you know going back to town that day was just not happening. I hope we get to leave some of this behind once it’s livable.

Currently, my feelings toward the house are anything but warm and fuzzy. It’s hot – our new AC isn’t installed yet. Painters canceled leaving me to figure out how to paint wood paneling from the 70s and critters. Oh, the critters. Winston mowed our yard and disturbed a little country mouse – who promptly came into our kitchen and showed himself right before bedtime. Meltdown would be an understatement. Machine guns bursts of sobs were coming out of me. I was unwell, err, might still be unwell. The list kind of goes on and on, but I’m trying to have faith my Martha Stewart farm dreams are alive and well just over the bend. The move toward our dream has come with quite a few hiccups, but we’re doing it. Together. Sometimes reluctantly together, ya know, it’s a “journey” as Super Soul Sunday would say.

I digress! The BEFORE. Here she is in her state of needing a makeover.

Future Dining Room
Living Room
Guest Room
Primary Bedroom
Laundry Room
Sun Room

As you can see, she was well loved at one point and she will be again. Our current love/hate relationship is strong to quite strong. Stay tuned for the afters. Hopefully, they’ll be sooner rather than later otherwise, you might see me on the next episode of Snapped: The Farm Edition.


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