Singing in the Rain!

Its rainy today soooo I thought it was only appropriate to share with you some of my favorite wellies. I have five pairs… obsessed? A little.  Hunter Boots. I have green. Burberry. Such a classic.  Like… View Post

Spring Cleaning!

Hello reliable readers! Today/tonight/tomorrow I will be working on making my tiny closet for two an organized masterpiece, and I cannot wait to show you the finished product! Right now its too embarrassing to show,… View Post

I did it… I got jorts

Hello beautiful bloggers! How was everyone’s break? Well, over my break I became a total hypocrite. I broke down and got jorts. For everyone who doesn’t know jorts are jean shorts. BUT, don’t lose faith… View Post

Breaking for Spring

Its Spring Break this week in the college world,  and since I am in college I am going to take some time off from blogging, and enjoy my break. I think I am allowed. The… View Post

The Tide- Kind of A Big Deal

So apparently people don’t like Wacky Wednesdays as much as I do. I will admit… its all about laziness. So out with wacky wednesdays, I will come up with something brilliant for next Wednesday. You… View Post