Tuesday Shoes-day

Hello, world! How is everyone doing today? Good? Great! Well, I am completely delirious because I pulled an all-nighter studying for a test I have later today, but I couldn’t neglect my fans. My favorite… View Post

Sensational Set: The Nanny Diaries

Good morning, all! How was everyone’s weekend? I must say I had a little too much fun, and I am now way behind in life and in blogging! Yet, again I have to apologize. I… View Post

Blog Idol Part 1…

Y’all my inspiration for Perpetual Perfection is doing her first give away! And YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT!  Seriously, she is my blogging IDOL…. oh, and in life. BUT, I want the tray so don’t… View Post

White Wine Wednesday

Every Thursday Hunter hosts what I like to call “Thrilling Thursday” at his apartment for our best couple friends, Amber and Mark. Just last week we went out to dinner on Wednesday too! This great… View Post

The Blindside

With all of the gossip about Sandra Bullock’s love life these days I thought I would do a little tribute to how wonderful she was in The Blindside. Have y’all seen it? If y’all haven’t seen… View Post