The Blindside

With all of the gossip about Sandra Bullock’s love life these days I thought I would do a little tribute to how wonderful she was in The Blindside. Have y’all seen it? If y’all haven’t seen… View Post

A Feaster on Easter…

I am currently watching the Duke v. Butler basketball game. Duke is my all time favorite basketball team and it has been since the 6th grade. Just thought I would throw that out there before… View Post

Favorites Friday: Sweet Pea

I have decided that I really liked last Friday because I loved hearing all of your top 10 favorites! Sooo… I have decided that Friday has become “Favorites Friday.” Today, I am featuring Amber over… View Post

Artist: Hayley Gaberlavage

I have been holding out on y’all. I know, I am a hateful, awful person, but something about secret finds are thrilling. I like to keep them a secret instead of sharing it with the… View Post

Decorating’s Dynamic Duo

Happy Monday, all! How was everyone’s weekend? I must say mine was spent enjoying sunshine and friends! It was just swell. Last week I barely gave y’all any design inspiration, and it was just flat… View Post