Artist: Hayley Gaberlavage

I have been holding out on y’all. I know, I am a hateful, awful person, but something about secret finds are thrilling. I like to keep them a secret instead of sharing it with the world. I am working on it. I am always searching and daydream decorating my future houses as y’all know and I found art I love! That is sort of a rare occurrence for me because I am not really into art. My sister, Tiffany- the artsy one, is always saying “you have to find art you love” and I would think to myself “Okay, well that was pointless advice because I don’t even know where to begin!” Ta-da! I have found some, and she is one of the Crimson Tide’s own! I had no idea! Today, I thought how I have been neglecting my reliable readers, and how I have been less than perpetually perfect lately thats when it hit me. Show them. So I will. Here is some of my favorite work  by Hayley:


“Hubba Bubba”

“Red Dress”

“Soda Pop”



So what do y’all think? Do you love her work as much as I do? Hayley’s figurative is my favorite obviously because its what I showed y’all most. She has a great sense of humor as well. Take a look at her website and see for yourself! Her work will definitely be somewhere in my first apartment. Who are y’alls favorite artists? Tell me. I need more than just one!


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