Favorites Friday: Sweet Pea

I have decided that I really liked last Friday because I loved hearing all of your top 10 favorites! Sooo… I have decided that Friday has become “Favorites Friday.” Today, I am featuring Amber over at Sweet Pea! She is one of my great friends and I loved her 10 things! Don’t get all bent out of shape kiddos just because I haven’t featured you yet doesn’t mean that I won’t. Its a new tradition, and your time will come! Here are her favorites!

1. David Yurman Crossover Ring- her boy gave it to her, and I quite like it! I have some earrings very similar to the X on her ring! 2. Lilly Pulitzer Planner- love me a good planner, and I love that its Lilly! 3. Jason Mraz– great choice 4. Cover Girl Outlast Lip Color – never tried it! I’m sure its great! 5. Macbook Pro- Her computer is a part of her. Its why we’re friends really. 6. Scarves– she has like 40. Excessive? Not at all. You have to have lots of what you love. 7. Sour Patch Kids- first they’re sour, then their sweet. 8. Clinique Happy Heart- Her signature smell, ladies and gents. 9. Dr. Pepper– a drink I myself have grown to love! 10. Nordstrom– a girl after my own heart. The piano player makes shopping so calming and peaceful!

Thanks for sharing your 10 favorites, Amber! To the rest of the crowd… did you enjoy it? If you haven’t already you really need to head on over to Sweet Pea and check her out! Its a daily must read. Please please please share your favorites! I really want to hear them, and I am craving your feedback!! Think it over, and get back to me. 

Happy Weekend, and Hoppy Easter!


  1. April 2, 2010 / 11:25 pm

    I love Amber's blog!!!Go Amber!!Cute name too!

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