I did it… I got jorts

Hello beautiful bloggers! How was everyone’s break? Well, over my break I became a total hypocrite. I broke down and got jorts. For everyone who doesn’t know jorts are jean shorts. BUT, don’t lose faith in me  just yet, we aren’t talking frayed Abercrombie up-your-rear shorts. They are cuffed and completely cover my behind. I usually try to stay away from trends I feel like I will regret years down the line, but for some reason I am into this trend only if its done right. Take a look.

I love this trend for Spring… if done right. Some people don’t understand how to wear jorts.

Exhibit A. Tim Tebow.

Thank you, Tebow, for making me vomit in my mouth. Men, never EVER wear jorts. EVER. Or I will hate you… fooor-eevvv-errr. Sandlot anyone?

Britney Spears. 
Thank goodness she has come back to her senses… somewhat. 
Well guys and gals I have given you the good, the bad, and the ugly of jorts. What do y’all think? Are you into it? When done right they are cute for Spring, don’t cha think? Let me know!

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  1. March 23, 2010 / 3:02 am

    I believe the over 30 crowd should never ever wear jorts! Of course back in my day we referred them as cutoffs,because we just cut off our jeans and made shorts.Boy am I old!!!I do think they are right cute when worn correctly for the young 20 somethings,I would like to see a cute silk flower pinned on them for an extra splash of color!

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