Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, and for all us Catholics and most Protestants its kind of a big deal. So, I asked my fellow Catholic buddy Connor so share his thoughts… View Post

Winter Olympics

Friends, you have to forgive me for my lack of WINTER OLYMPIC 2010 COVERAGE! I yelled it because I’m crazy about the Olympics! Competition. Unity. Figure Skating. Rockin’ Opening Ceremonies. Uh, I could go on… View Post

Join Hands, Start a Love Train

This song makes my heart melt into putty.  If this room by Kristen Brant doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, I don’t know what will! Martha Stewart, you’re the reason I have love handles. Thanks… I hate you. My makeup… View Post

Spring Trends

I am ill today, and what better way to spend my sick day than in bed, shopping online, and reading countless blogs! One of my great friends, Amber over at Sweet Pea, is also new… View Post

Vacation Home(s)-Part One

Today, I will be featuring my future Winter home in Telluride, Colorado. Yep, thats right, I am going to have a home for every season. My older sister, Tiffany, and I have talked about having… View Post