Vacation Home(s)-Part One

Today, I will be featuring my future Winter home in Telluride, Colorado. Yep, thats right, I am going to have a home for every season.

My older sister, Tiffany, and I have talked about having vacation homes since we were wee-tots. We would sit on the sofa in our matching jammies, flipping through countless home decor magazine’s our mom had, picking out rooms for our future vacation homes. In our household, we dream big. I blame Ralph Lauren for our visions. I mean HELLO, have you seen the preppy lifestyle in those ads! The conversation would go something like this:

Cat: “Ooh, I like that! Lets put that in our beach house.”
Tiffany: “Well, I think that would go in our beach house in Maine, but definitely not Key West.”
Cat: “Completely. I was thinking Maine.”
I failed to mention that Tiffany is six years older than me, and I had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I just liked the pictures. Thankfully, Tiff took me under her wing and showed me her ways. And, I must say I have achieved one part of our Ralph Lauren lifestyle… that would be my hot polo-playing, incredibly sweet, musically talented, funny as hell, boyfriend, Hunter of course. Anyway, back to Tiff and my fantastic getaways!

For our winter home, we choose Telluride, Colorado.
I really like this one, but it needs to be tweaked ever so slightly.
Now, this is more like it. Conservative in the front.
Party in the back. A huge back porch is essential for our winter home.
Inside, it will be warm and fuzzy just like this… Thanks Ralph, I heart you.
I love this buffalo-check chair… shocking its Ralph Lauren. Ralphy, I’ll take two.
Tiff, what do you think? Is this what you visualized? What do y’all think? Will you come visit?

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