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Y’all I need a house… or an apartment. Either one. But I need a space of my own to design how I please. Not the Kappa house. I cannot tell you how excited I am to graduate college and have my own space to call my own. To be able to say “I have to run home to change” MY home not, me and seven other girls house, which don’t get me wrong was a blast, but it wasn’t all mine. Wow, I sound like a selfish brat. Come on though, how fun is it to decorate? Instead of reading about international law or America’s budget and fiscal policies (the classes I am in this semester) you know what I do? I read millions of blogs and steal their pictures to put into my Interior Design folder on my computer. Yes, I have an Interior Design folder, and yes, I have many other folders. I am OCD.

I blame my favorite blogger Peppermint Bliss. She is my best friend’s older sister, and I stalk her religiously. My roommate even knows which is really creepy AND sad, but y’all SHE made the blog. She was practically begging me to stalk her. She’s your culprit. Her love for design got me thinking about the endless possibilities of my first place.


1. Bold Color

I realize when I get married having a a bright pink or green living room would lead to a quick divorce therefore, a vibrant room of some sort is a definite MUST. Its bright. Its happy. Its perfect mix of becoming a Big Girl in the Real World while maintaining your youth. Its utter perfection at its finest.
2. Fun Dining

I found this dining room in my folder labeled “apartment dining room.” I have no idea where the great find came because I don’t even remember pulling it for the folder, but I love it! The funky fixture, the pink chairs, the spritz of dark with the table is fantastic! This space is traditional without saying “I’m forty and I wear cardigans everyday.”
3. Lucite Office Chair

Okay, it might be a phase, but right now I have an obsession with a Lucite Office chair. I have an obsession with this office come to think of it. I was reading La Dolce Vita when I came across this great workspace and I fell hard. I am a sucker for bulletin boards and collages, but if you ask me, they inspire. They are the perfect piece to put above your workspace to motivate and stare at after hours of work. My office will for sure look something along these lines when I get an office. Lucite chair. Check. Bulletin board. Check. Rambling about my nonexistent office. Check.
The only I repeat ONLY time I will ever want to be Mariah Carrey. She has a freaking shoe closet! I hate feet, but I adore shoes. Maybe I should be in a horrendous movie like Glitter. Would it pay for my closet? Hollywood, here I come!
Uh, I love you.
4. An Amazing Closet
So maybe I am dreaming a little too big for my first place, but I dream of an obnoxiously large, extremely luxurious closet. I love clothes, and shoes, and pocketbooks, and the finer things in life. I may not/will not get my dream closet in my first place after I graduate, but mark my words when I win my first big case as a “powerful ball-busting attorney” in the corporate world, I will get my closet.
You can’t help but be relaxed in this bedroom.

5. White Bedding

White bedding is so calming and peaceful. In a place filled with such color I will keep my bedding simple and serene. It also gives you more freedom to incorporate color when you’re feeling sassy.
I show you these pictures like they are set in stone, but this quaint nest that I found in Traditional Home is more like after college reality for me. Sigh, my decor dreams will have to wait for graduation, law school, and a kick ass job. But until then I will fantasize.

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  1. February 18, 2010 / 12:47 am

    Shut up and get out of here!! The "fun dining" picture is one I stumbled upon on a blog a couple of months, LOVED, and quickly dragged into my "happiness" folder on my desktop! love it. love you. – Susan

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