Spring Trends

I am ill today, and what better way to spend my sick day than in bed, shopping online, and reading countless blogs! One of my great friends, Amber over at Sweet Pea, is also new in this thing called the blogosphere, but she introduced me to an AWESOME blog and designer, MaryCatherine Moody. She is one of Alabama’s own, and I want to knock on her door and ask if she will dress me… everyday. I am telling you, SHE is the next big one people, and y’all HAVE GOT to check her out!

Anyway, after all her fashion inspiration, I set out on an online mission to find my Spring 2010 look. Here’s what I found:

Wedges are key for the Spring, believe me I have been shopping all day. I have to say, I am on board with this trend. I love shoes. Shoes that make me taller… even stinkin’ better!

I am absolutely in LOVE with these brown Prada wedges from Saks

Prada did me well this season in the Wedge department. My only rule with these: ONLY AFTER EASTER AND BEFORE LABOR DAY. THE WHITE RULE DOES STILL APPLY! Don’t make me come after you!
Ya know, you can always count on Jimmy Choo to make a classy beautiful shoe!

Blue is big for Spring, and group, I like it. Be brave, and grab yourself a shiny new blue pocketbook for the frisky season!
“Nancy Gonzalez. Love that!”-Nigel
This turquoise bag from Tory Burch I found at Bloomingdales is a perfect way to incorporate blue and a fun accent for every outfit.
The tribal trend is probably one of my favorites this season. These great prints usually in the orange and brown tones couldn’t highlight your sun-kissed skin any better!

This Lafayette 148 New York tunic at Bloomie’s is so fun.

I went to one of my favorite stores, Neiman Marcus, to find the fabulous Spring trends I am bringing to you today. I have a few looks of my own I will be rockin’ for the upcoming season.
Polo Pony Dresses
As a respectable polo-watching girlfriend, it is my DUTY to have these Hermes Polo dresses for Houston Polo Season. Is anyone looking for a kidney? I am selling one to finance my wardrobe.
Could these sundresses be anymore more perfect for me? I think not. Bring it on Polo season, my wardrobe and I are ready.

Red Wayfarers
Even with all the new style I have been flooded with today, I still have to remain who I am with my style. My red wayfarers by Rayban are totally me!

I wear these like its my job. Ya know why? ‘Cause the sun never sets on a badass.

I am excited for my healthy return, and to hit the stores to find my new essentials for Spring! Are y’all as pumped for Spring as I am?


  1. February 10, 2010 / 2:33 am

    please do not wear the dress with the life size horses on it… it will have the same affect as florals (you know what i'm talking about)

    the pink is cute though

  2. February 10, 2010 / 5:47 am

    you never fail to make me laugh out loud. we should go donate plasma together. maybe then we could afford everything our sophisticated taste desires. much appreciate the mad props yo!

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