Bucket List

This week has been an eye-opening one. With the loss of a great friend life quickly falls into perspective, and I began to re-access my priorities and lifestyle. Then, I sat for a minute, and I started to remember how my friend lived. Moment to moment. Spontaneously. Without any regret. So today, as a tribute to him, and a celebration of his life instead of mourning, I give to you my “bucket list.” All of the things I am going to do before I go. 

My Top Ten:

1. Grow closer to Christ and glorify him each day
It is our purpose in life to do this, and I am a girl who needs purpose in her life. He is my rock, and I need to be with him in my life growing with me each day. Booth, you were such an example of a true christian, and it is a goal in life to have your strong FAITH in the Lord. Your relationship with him is the definition of AWESOME

2. Run A Marathon
This chick won the Houston Marathon. I said run, not win. Baby steps, people, baby steps. Although, I could win if I wanted to. 

3. Get Married

Its my goals for my WHOLE life, NOT in the next five minutes but, yes, I do want to get married and have a happy marriage not just a wedding. I am pumped to be a wife. Oh, don’t you worry by the way my wedding will still be spectacular! 

4. Become a Lawyer

I am going to be a powerful business woman attorney. I will wear a suit, and yell at people until they do what is right and just. Don’t cross me. 

5. Be in love with someone forever

I am confident I have done this, but forever is a long time so it stays on the list until forever is over.

6. Have 6 Kids

I want six babies. They will be the joy and loves of my life. I thought this Anne Geddes picture was fitting. (multiplying like rabbits) leave it to me to be inappropriate. 

7. Own a Sailboat

I love boats. I want one. Nothing more than that. They are relaxing and pretty.

8. Learn to Smile with my teeth

Everyone makes fun of me for not smiling with my teeth, and I swear I will smile with my teeth someday. Will, when it happens I am dedicating it to you… your smile changed me forever.

9. Own a Harley

I’m wild at heart. My harley will keep me free.

10. Have a house on the beach

Hello! How great is this? There is something about the beach that is so amazing and wonderful. It takes you away from the city, and its truly a happy place on earth. WHO CAN BE MAD AT THE BEACH! I mean really, if you are, ya need to remove the stick. Come on, get happy! Life is good! 

 I really want to focus on doing the things on my list. Will, would want us all to do make a list and do it! If you know Will, y’all agree, but if you didn’t trust us, he was great. Y’all there is a whole website for this! Its called 43 things, and it lets you create your own list of things you want to do in life! Members can cheer you on, and you can edit and check things off your list as you complete them! You can also follow people! Its so fun! I am a list gal if you couldn’t tell already so naturally, I am obsessed with this website! I have 23 right now. I am working on it. What’s your bucket list? I really want to know! 

This post is dedicated to my great friend Will Booth who is shining down on us from heaven. Watch after us Will. We miss you already, and can’t wait to see you.


  1. February 18, 2010 / 4:52 pm

    Love it, Cat! I'm totally signing up on 43 things. You (and Will) have inspired me!

  2. February 19, 2010 / 7:33 am

    I signed up too!

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