Charming Chairs

So I was browsing in my interior design folder, and I realized I have an entire folder full of chairs! Just chairs! All different types of amazing sit-upons! I wanted to chair them with you today! 

Doesn’t it make you want a white and green chair with coral on it! Kendall Wilkinson designed this extraordinary piece.
I’m sorry to report I am not sure where I found this sweet seat, but I love it nevertheless. Group, if you know where I found this and who made it I will love you forever! I want to give credit where it is due.
I would never forget to include my Lucite that I long for!
Would someone like to make a chairitable donation to a girl with fabulous taste, so she is able to decorate her first apartment in the wonderful lifestyle she has become so accustomed? I know that she would be so grateful, and chairish the donation forever. 


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