Laughter by Lauren

Hey group! Sorry I am little late on the post today, but school comes first… unfortunately. Anywho, today I bring to you a line of perfect pillows called Laughter by Lauren. I am so excited to tell y’all about her and line! I know Lauren personally, she was one of my favorite camp counselors growing up at Heart O’ the Hills Camp for Girls.  Her line reflects her personality and style to a tee: cheerful always and so stinkin’ fun! I can’t say enough about how great she is as a person, and her line is perpetual perfection. Lauren hand paints and sews everyone of her crafty canvas pillows! Talent? I think so. 

Meet Lauren. She’s swell.

Everyone knows how I feel about Love, and I LOVE this pillow.

Happy in a pillow. Could it get any better? Oh, and bonus its monogrammed! 

Girly and gorgeous! Notice the detailed dots!

More modern? Not to worry she covers all her bases. 

Need some happy on your bed? Or for a gift? She’s your go to gal. Don’t ya just adore Laughter by Lauren! I do. Visit her blog. Contact her! Getch ya some pillows!

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