Love For Liza #LoveForLiza

Want to make a difference this Christmas? My gal pal, Liza Haynie Heaton needs you. She’s in the fight of her life against Synovial Sarcoma. This type of cancer is a rare form of cancer… View Post

5 Tips To Getting Over A Break Up

  The other day, I was on the phone with a friend who had gotten broken up with, and things were really not going well. They felt like they were at a stand still. Why… View Post

Weekly Quote: Successful People

I love this! A great reminder success comes to those who work hard and never gift up. How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Are you twenty lbs. bigger? I definitely am… yikes. This week, I’ll be sharing… View Post

5 Must-have Items for a Well Organized Carry-On

I travel 28 weekends out of the year for work. Exciting? Yes. Exhausting? Also, yes. Traveling can really take it out of you. The lines, the invasive pat-downs, taking off your shoes. Traveling since 9/11… View Post

Weekly Quote: Stop Making Excuses

The Every Girl is one of my favorite websites for many reasons, but I think my favorite part is how inspiring it is to see other women makin’ things happen.   I love this print.… View Post