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I stopped blogging over a year ago because I moved to Dallas for an amazing career opportunity; which really didn’t allow much time for blogging. Traveling 28 weekends out of the year with no extra day off leaves your brain to do the bare necessities of life: eating, sleeping, attempting to catch up on laundry, repack for the next trip. Rather, rinse, repeat.

When I got the opportunity of a lifetime to move back to Houston to Mia Bridal Couture, where my bridal career began… I couldn’t arrive fast enough. And then… ya know what? Hometown people began to tell me, they read my blog and missed it! Y’all, I was kind of blown away. I thought it was just my close friends who I guilted into reading or my absurdly supportive mom. But, people I didn’t even realize that liked me! One bride who came into the store, and bought her gown told her mom, “Yeah! Cat has the amazing blog and her apartment is so cute.” *Hair flip* I’ve missed blogging so much over the past year, and my Houston crew definitely inspired me to bring it back. For good…. I think! Yay!

Here’s what’s on my radar for the weekend:
My next day off, I will be here. Iris Apfel is truly my spirit animal.
Winnie and I always discuss extravagant trips we’re going to take together, when we go to Italy, we’re going to stay here. Called it.
Nicky Hilton’s wedding gown. You’ll die and go to bridal gown heaven. Trust me.
This Anthropologie romper though. Need.
Happy Friday!


  1. July 24, 2015 / 6:23 pm

    From your absurdly supportive Mom…so happy to see you blogging once again!I have missed it and I miss you here in DFW!

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