Dining Room Dilemma

Help. So moved back to Houston as you know, and I’m loovvvvinnnggg doing something totally different with the bachelorette pad, with a fellow bachelorette. Das right, I gotss a roomie. She’s the bees knees.  I think that’s why moving is fun for me. I hate the packing part and am actually pretty awful at it, but the unpacking; pure bliss. The thought of coming up with a new way to use my current pieces, repainting, hanging art, getting new! All of the things. People, I’m having a large dining room issue though. Lacquering my table, staining it a dark wood, or leaving it as is and using a great table cloth. I’m giving you examples, and I need you to weigh in heavily…
Black Lacquer Dining Table 1 - Perpetual Perfection
Pro: Fresh clean look with our bright chairs adding an amazing pop of color.
Con: Does this mean I have too much high-gloss furniture? Is there such a thing? You tell me.
Dark Stain
Dark Stained Wood Dining Table 1 - Perpetual Perfection
Dark Stained Wood Option 2 - Perpetual Perfection
Pro: Allows chairs to be the fun focal point of the space. Also adds a timeless elegance to the space.
Con: I’ve never stained a piece of furniture, and I get nerv about it. Or if I have an expert do it, will I like the end result?
Table Cloth
White Table Cloth Dining Table 1 - Perpetual Perfection
White Table Cloth Dining Table 2 - Perpetual Perfection
Pro: This is the current look we’re rocking. Meaning nothing would have to be done and no monies would be spent.
Con: Is it too frilly? I mean, I’m super-girly don’t get me wrong, but is it a man repellent? We’re trying to be girly yet inviting. Nah mean?
So which do you like? Do you see the problem? It could go any of the ways and be spectacular.
images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


  1. July 27, 2015 / 5:00 pm

    Okay,you cannot lose with any of the three options.I like the second of and third option because you are two ladies are YOUNG and FUN! The first option is a little older and you have plenty of time for that look in your future.Go young and fun for now!

  2. susanmaki
    July 29, 2015 / 6:27 am

    I vote for lacquering! Such a fun trend right now, and actually pretty durable if you want to use your table as a desk.

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