Wedding Wednesday: Rue De Seine

Happy Wedding Wednesday, perfectionists! I simply love Wednesday getting to share my current wedding obsessions. Bridal designer, Rue De Seine, has my heart currently. I knew about theNew Zealand designer for a long time, but it wasn’t until… View Post

CB2 Home Must Haves

Okay, I know I’m like reeaalllll late to the party over here, but y’all. CB2 is the I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, why are we even reading her blog? She clearly knows nothing.”… View Post

Forward to Fall: Favorite Fall Trends

It’s August in Houston which essentially means we’re actually living on the sun down here. With daily heat advisories, all I can think about is the Fall. Especially since Neiman Marcus has their favorite fall trends… View Post

Design Crush: Andrew Brown

I saw Andrew Brown on La Dolce Vita few weeks ago, and I kind of can’t stop thinking about him. His Birmingham cottage is my dream. It’s collected, cozy and is traditional with a modern… View Post

Noun: Friendationship

That blurred line of friend and something more. A lot of us 20-somethings have this person. But what does it mean? Are you emotionally inept? Are you delusional thinking this person wants to be with… View Post