CB2 Home Must Haves

Okay, I know I’m like reeaalllll late to the party over here, but y’all. CB2 is the bomb.com. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, why are we even reading her blog? She clearly knows nothing.”… View Post

Forward to Fall: Favorite Fall Trends

It’s August in Houston which essentially means we’re actually living on the sun down here. With daily heat advisories, all I can think about is the Fall. Especially since Neiman Marcus has their favorite fall trends… View Post

Design Crush: Andrew Brown

I saw Andrew Brown on La Dolce Vita few weeks ago, and I kind of can’t stop thinking about him. His Birmingham cottage is my dream. It’s collected, cozy and is traditional with a modern… View Post

Noun: Friendationship

That blurred line of friend and something more. A lot of us 20-somethings have this person. But what does it mean? Are you emotionally inept? Are you delusional thinking this person wants to be with… View Post

Dining Room Dilemma

Help. So moved back to Houston as you know, and I’m loovvvvinnnggg doing something totally different with the bachelorette pad, with a fellow bachelorette. Das right, I gotss a roomie. She’s the bees knees.  I… View Post