Delicious Duvets: Shabby Chic or Polished?

Lets just not talk about my lack of perfection for the last two weeks, please. I have absolutely no excuse, and I will do my best to redeem myself. Now, on to the goods. I’m… View Post

Sensational Set: The Nanny Diaries

Good morning, all! How was everyone’s weekend? I must say I had a little too much fun, and I am now way behind in life and in blogging! Yet, again I have to apologize. I… View Post

Artist: Hayley Gaberlavage

I have been holding out on y’all. I know, I am a hateful, awful person, but something about secret finds are thrilling. I like to keep them a secret instead of sharing it with the… View Post

Decorating’s Dynamic Duo

Happy Monday, all! How was everyone’s weekend? I must say mine was spent enjoying sunshine and friends! It was just swell. Last week I barely gave y’all any design inspiration, and it was just flat… View Post

Elegant Entries

Hello, group! How is everyone on the magnificent Monday? I’m just doing dandy, and so thrilled Spring Break is just a few days away. We haven’t chatted about interior design much lately except for vacation… View Post