The EveryGirl Home Tour

Finally, “The Nook” makes it’s debut! I’m so thrilled to announce I’m over on The Everygirl today. I can’t wait to explain details, tips and tricks, before & afters and much more. Feel free to post… View Post

Spring Me Forward

Y’all, it dropped 60 degrees in one day here in Texas. I’m freezin’ my paws off down here! It’s really hard for me to function actually, I don’t handle cold well. At. All. I’m a… View Post

101 in 1001

One of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie of Design Darling started a To Do/Bucket list called “101 in 1001,” and inspired me to make my own. Mackenzie felt 1001 days (2.75 years) was sufficient yet urgent… View Post

Wednesday Wants: Kate Spade Everything

Y’all, I went to the new Kate Spade Flagship store in Highland Village this weekend. It’s pretty much my Mecca. I want everything. Every. Single. Thing.  Bon Voyage Travel Wallet for my upcoming travels. 1000%… View Post

Cat Confessions: Week 3

One. I sent a screenshot to the wrong person… and lied about it. I was texting with a certain someone when I received a text that surprised me. I was freaking out about what to say,… View Post