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One of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie of Design Darling started a To Do/Bucket list called “101 in 1001,” and inspired me to make my own. Mackenzie felt 1001 days (2.75 years) was sufficient yet urgent enough to mark 101 things she’s always wanted to do off her list, and I quite agree! She was so successful she’s begun Part 2! The OCD in me digs her categorization. So without further ado here is my perfect list for 101 in 1001:

Starts March 1, 2014
Ends November 26, 2016
{20.5 complete, 80.5 to go!}
Personal (7/21)

1. Read two books a month and post reviews.
2. Adopt a signature dish for dinner parties.
3. Become a member of a church.
4. Unplug an hour before bed for 30 days. (No internet, Netflix, Phone, etc.)
5. Successfully do the splits.
6. Get my CHL.
7. Memorize the books of the bible in order.
8. Refurbish a piece of furniture. (Refinished coffee tables, from black to green! May 2015 see here)
9. Organize my photos in iPhoto. (January 13, 2016)
10. Create an up-to-date address book.
11. Adopt a puppy. (March 25, 2016) Meet Hattie
12. Establish a new budget. (Joined LearnVest, October 2015)
13. Treat my parents to dinner.
14. Join a new bible study. (September 2015 – started one with my best friends from high school!)
15. Spend the entire day in my jammies watching movies. (February 14, 2016)

16. Join an organic co-op.
17. Frame my diploma… finally.
18. Organize my iTunes.
19. Eat alone at a restaurant. (Martin’s Tavern, Washington D.C., November 15, 2014)
20. Memorize 10 bible verses.
21. Research my ancestry.

Investments (2/8)

22. Invest in a classic pair of work pumps.
23. Invest in a timeless pocketbook.
24. Invest in blog business cards.
25. Invest in a new computer. (October 2014)
26. Invest in new custom stationery. (December 2015, Christmas Giftie)
27. Purchase a piece of original art.
28. Invest in the perfect pair of Chanel flats.
29. Buy my own gun.

Travel (1/10)

30. Travel abroad more than once.
31. Travel to see my ski-bum friends.
32. Go to Marfa, Texas.
33. Take a spontaneous road trip with best friends.
34. Visit my friend Elizabeth in DC.
35. Visit my Best Buddy, Jerry, in Alabama.
36. Go on a mission trip.
37. Visit my childhood summer camp.
38. Go to a blogging conference.
39. Go to my first Alabama game in Bryant-Denny since graduating. Roll Tide. (September, 2015)

Health & Fitness (1/13)

40. Get my kipping pull-up in Crossfit.
41. Run a marathon.
42. Make every meal for 30 days.
43. Ride the MS-150.

44. Crossfit 5 times a week for 30 days.
45. Get my shaky hands professionally checked.
46. 25 by 28.
47. Complete 1,000 burpees in 30 days.
48. Complete 30 day Paleo Challenge. (January, 2016)
49. Compete in a Crossfit Competition.
50. Take a Pure Barre Class.
51. Work out every day for 30 days.
52. Set a new PR for my mile time.

Texas (3/8)

53. Find 10 favorite restaurants in Dallas. Hattie’s, Mia’s, The Corner Market, The Porch, Toulouse, Eatzi’s, Eno’s, Bolsa, Highland Park Soda Fountain, Hillstone 

54. Find a local coffee shop and ditch Starbucks. Oak Lawn Coffee (March 2014) 

55. Re-float the Guadalupe River. (July 2014)
56. Hike Enchanted Rock again.
57. Go to another concert at Cynthia Woods.
58. Canoe Buffalo Bayou.
59. Go to the Texas State Fair.
60. Revisit the Houston Museums.

For Fun (5/29)

61. Create a coffee table memory book of my best college memories.
62. Go hunting again.
63. Give a super cute waiter my phone number. 🙂 (January 2015, I got a super cute boyfriend instead)
64. Throw a surprise party.
65. Go paddle boarding.
66. Go on a picnic.
67. Send 5 awesome care packages to family and friends.
68. Go to a Katy Perry concert.
69. Write a “God Forbid” letter and entrust it to a friend.
70. Go to a masquerade party.
71. Ride an Elephant.
72. Have a muddy football game with all my friends.
73. Memorize the American Presidents in order.
74. Have a heart to heart while watching the stars.
75. Attend a musical festival.
76. Complete a needlepoint pillow.
77. Have my palms read. (August 2014)
78. Host a brunch.
79. Go riding again. I truly miss it. (Horseback that is) (July 2014)
80. Karaoke a song solo. Taking requests.
81. Go skydiving again.
82. Gamble at a Casino. (November 2014)
83. Make a Rue.
84. Allow myself to go on a shopping spree.
85. Have a spa day.  Spa Django (December 26, 2014)
86. Go Whitewater Rafting.
87. Begin playing Tennis regularly.
88. Go outdoor rock climbing.
89. Stay out until the sunrises.

Professional (2.5/12)

90. Win a blog award.
91. Have my home published in a major magazine or blog. (March 2014) Here.
92. Be brave enough to begin doing regular fashion posts. (October 2014) Here.
93. Start my own company. (Pending, June 2016 – not starting, but buying! Eek!)
94. Make a group of “blog friends.”
95. Up my photography game & use original images for the blog.
96. Design a space that isn’t my own.
97. Have my new home professionally photographed.
98. Do a collaborative blog series.
99. Get blog sponsor(s).
100. Write a recipe post.
101. Create a Media Kit.

I’d love to hear if you were inspired to write your own, tweet me the link or comment here and I will add you below!



  1. March 6, 2014 / 2:58 pm

    Just discovered your blog from The Everygirl. Thanks for this entry, this is a great idea! Good luck on these goals. You have a lovely blog. 🙂

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