Plum Pretty Sugar: PomPon Collection

Plum Pretty Sugar’s done it again. Captivated my soul’s style with their newest collection PomPon. Shirt dresses, boyfriend shirts, maxi robes in delicious patterns. I mean it’s creepy how well they know me.  images via… View Post

Weekly Quote: Doing Your Best

via Sometimes we need a reminder our paycheck is the credit, and not the affirmation. Pride in your work, people.  Stay in the Loop: Subscribe // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest 

Oscar De La Renta: 5 Decades of Style Exhibit

I recently visited the Oscar De La Renta: 5 Decades of Style exhibit at the Bush Center. Y’all. I die. It was everything. One gown was better than the next, and so incredible to see… View Post

This Versus That: Ice Cream vs. Popsicles

This versus that. One of my favorite things to do, such a conversation starter and a fun one at that! So here it is, to kick off the this versus that series.. Ice Cream vs.… View Post

Weekly Quote: Trust Your Intuition

image via Had this chat with a friend on my drive home last night. They were venting about explaining their choices to people in their life. I explained the above to them. Trust in your… View Post