This Versus That: Ice Cream vs. Popsicles

This versus that. One of my favorite things to do, such a conversation starter and a fun one at that! So here it is, to kick off the this versus that series.. Ice Cream vs. Popsicles. It’s only fitting since I live basically on the sun aka Dallas, Texas.

Ice Cream
Can you really get any better? Ice cream=comfort. For anything really. A good day. A bad day. A break up. A celebration. A hot day. Boredom. There’s really no bad time for ice cream. And the varieties! Oh, the options. Bluebell is my obvious choice being a Texas gal, but y’all it’s really the best. If you haven’t had it, you’re missin’ out. 

The most refreshing treat. Popsicles just say “summer” to me. A bomb pop? My jam. The 4th of July isn’t complete without one. It’s an American tradition. Popsicles are just so light and airy, and completely achieve the yearn for a little something sweet. I love a good popsicle after a run. I mean you earned it, right?

So what’s your go-to sweet treat? An internal battle I fight daily. The struggle is real. Tell me. What’s yours? I gots to know!

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