Weekly Round Up

Fri-freakin-yay, y’all. This week has been a whirlwind to say the least and mama needs a drraaannnkkk. I’m sorry, I know I can’t pull that off. But really, I need a cocktail. What’s everyone doing for their 3-day weekend? Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, anyone? A lil’ Ri-ri? No? Okay then…



Wish I were going to the beach this weekend because I need all the hats.

Bethany Nauert is an interiors photographer and I want to live in all her spaces… and have her make my home look bomb.

Margs on Margs on Margs.

Sneaka chic. I’ll be buying these and these and these oh… and these.

Brb moving into this house featured on Lonny.


Perpetual Perfection Lately:

Interiors Tuesday with The Citizenry

Rue De Seine’s wedding gowns = drop dead gorg.

Looking Forward to Fall – my must haves.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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