Interiors Tuesday: The Citizenry

Like I said last week, I think I’m becoming more and more of an urban-hipster? Thanks, to Winston and my new gig for bringing out my inner cool gal who lay dormant under my preppy facade for years. When I think back to yesteryear, I actually used to be way more daring with fashion and decor, but alas middle and high school Regina George’s got to me. A pity really, but then I also had have a love affair with Ralph Lauren that will never die. I digress. Today, we’re talking about my obsession with The Citizenry. Don’t know it? Well… you’re welcome. It’s bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Their philosophy is “our homes should be a reflection of the journeys we take.” YES.  Yes, to this. Our homes shouldn’t be page 87 of the Pottery Barn catalog. No shade on good ole PB, but our homes should tell a story. They go directly to the artisans to all across the world to bring us their collections directly. No middle man. Um, yes please. Take a look at the latest and greatest from one of my favorite sites:





1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //


Do you see what I mean? Their stuff is just amazing. And it’s all from local artisans all over the world. I think the piece I’m missing is I should be actually working for The Citizenry so I can say cool things like, “Actually I found Lupita in a remote village in South America. She and I became best friends on my journey (because let’s be real – granola people love that word) and we decided she should sell her hand embroidered magnificent pillows with The Citizenry. Oh, and she’s actually coming to travel with us on our Citizenry tour in the fall.” I can’t speak to how these fine people really acquire such authentic collections, but in my head that’s how I imagine it to be. So if you actually know how the ins-and-outs… don’t tell me. Let me live in my own little magical world of my bestie Lupita. Okay, but real talk… you like? What are your favorite pieces?



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