Wedding Wednesday: City Hall Chic

A wedding at City Hall. Yay or nay? I feel like it gets a bad rap, but I am starting to fall more and more in love with the idea. A wedding is a celebration of you as a couple, but with so much fuss you have to wonder if most couples lose sight of the real goal: marriage. Completely understandable when you have 20,000 orchids at our reception or a bar completely made of ice or multiple ice cream stations. Plus there are the details of invitations, color schemes, guests, venue, attire. I mean the list goes on and on and it’s a smidge exhausting. Take a look at these glamorous city hall weddings who make no fuss look fabulous.








via here and here

See what I mean? It’s like so delightful and refreshing. I bet they went to a fun brunch afterward with all their family and friends. Something with a jazz band. How do you feel about city hall weddings? Like or spike?



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