Interiors: Loeffler Randall’s Soho Office

Loeffler Randall = shoe and pocketbook lust at it’s finest. So why would their office be any different? Spoiler alert: it’s not. When I saw founder, Jessie Randall’s, office tour on One Kings Lane I had to share with you. It’s utter amazingness. Pink. Gold. Bags. And shoes. If you know me at all, you know it’s really my own personal Mecca. I love more than just their office though, their shoes are amazing and I love Jessie’s out look on life. Kids and work. Work and kids. I love that. Okay, take a look at this chic office before I go on some odd rant.




Excuse me, are those overalls? Um, you’re adorable.



I semi hate her because her fiddle figs look so amazing. I killed mine and all the other plants I’ve ever touched.






Do you get it now? It’s so lovely and minimal. Yet so pink and feminine. I’m dying over the sofas and how perfectly pink they are. It’s the perfect shade. Girly yet not annoying. Something I strive to be daily. Girly yet not annoying. Lolz. Annnnd they even do Yoga in the office on Tuesday nights for their employees. How fun is that? I might try to implement this in the fall. Everyone needs to harness their chi before heading home, and Tuesdays are the absolute worst. Such a refreshing idea. I would feel inspired to come to work everyday in such a gorgeous space. I think I’d feel like Elle Woods getting ready in the opening credits of Legally Blonde.  Don’t you love Loeffler Randall’s office? Do you have a favorite brand’s office? Share it with me, won’t you?


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