Keeping Cozy With Kate Spade Accessories

It’s 26º in Houston today, but it feels like 19º, and I’m struggling both physically and emotionally with this whole “polar vortex” situation. Apparently, the weather doesn’t care about my emotions, but thankfully Kate Spade… View Post

Fashion Crush: Olivia Palmero

Y’all, I am kind of obsessing with Olivia Palmero. I know, I might be a bit behind in this trend, but she’s sa-mokin. I did not partake in “The City,” so she might be a… View Post

C Wonder

So my sister, Tiffy, who is always in the know put me onto C. Wonder, and I have to say it is C-wonderful.  Do y’all know about this new bad boy in New York? If… View Post

Witch Stole My Dress

So I waited a whole effing year for that wedding and then what happens? Oh, just an F5 tornado. AND THEN KATE HAD THE NERVE TO STEAL MY DRESS. I was sooo mad. Well, okay… View Post

My New Uniform

Happy Friday, people! We made it. The weekend is here. Time to get shnockered. I wish I could say I was kidding, but it is A-Day weekend. It’s the spring football game down here at… View Post