Colorful Crown Molding

I’m so excited about my new home I’ve already begun redecorating the space in my head. Along with a canopy bed I think I also want colorful crown molding. I’ve been searching around on Pinterest… View Post

Awesome Appliances: SMEG Refrigerators

You know you’re getting old when all you want is a new refrigerator. In my defense, I don’t just want any ole fridge – I want a SMEG. All SMEGs should live in garage apartments… View Post

New Bedroom Inspiration: A Canopy Bed

So I’ve been in denial, but I have to move out of The Nook. I’ve been in a bit of a panic because I’m so in love with my home, but I think I found… View Post

Small Space Style: Elizabeth Bauer

In honor of “the nook” photo shoot this week (more to come on that soon)! I thought I’d share my all time favorite studio apartment by Elizabeth Bauer: via Lonny Stop. I can’t. It’s too… View Post

Sneak Peak: BGA

I am not being a jerk, but it’s LSAT week. Crunch time. Panic time. Kick some LSAT ass time. Photos of the completed BGA will air on Monday, but for now how ’bout a little sneak peak to tide ya… View Post