Apartment Therapy: Whitney’s Austin Duplex Tour

Y’all I can’t. Whitney’s Austin Duplex Tour on Apartment Therapy. Like whoa. Too good to not stay up far past my bedtime to share. Another small space with serious sass. Bonus? I know her! She’s my… View Post

Nook Details: Part 3

Last day of Nook details, I promise! I wanted to fully answer all your questions from the feature and them some!I hope y’all are enjoying the full detail tour. I’ve made y’all wait long enough… View Post

Nook Source Details: Part 2

“Give me the goods, Cantrell.” I know that’s what y’all are all saying, and I’m prepared to hand ’em over. Whether you like the answers or not, well that’s for you to decide. Okay, enough… View Post

The Nook: Living Room

Wow. Y’all sure know how to make a girl feel special! I feel so honored to be featured on The Everygirl, and am excited to share some fun details with y’all today! I thought we’d start… View Post

The EveryGirl Home Tour

Finally, “The Nook” makes it’s debut! I’m so thrilled to announce I’m over on The Everygirl today. I can’t wait to explain details, tips and tricks, before & afters and much more. Feel free to post… View Post