Wedding Wednesday: Mia Bridal Couture, Houston, Texas

Mia Bridal Couture in Houston, Texas holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. Not only did sister and two of my best friends find there wedding gown here, but it’s how I got my start in the bridal industry. Today, we take a tour of Mia’s new location, which opened in April, and chat with Jill Nelson, owner of Mia Bridal Couture, about the new space and makes it the best bridal salon in Houston.

Jill Nelson

Store: Mia Bridal Couture
Location: Houston, Texas
Owner(s): Jill Nelson & Starla Flake

How did Mia get it’s start, and why the name “Mia?” 
While working with Starla at Brickhouse Bridal, we tried to get couture designers to let us carry their gowns, but they wanted a Houston address, not The Woodlands.  That, in combination with the closing of a couple couture bridal salons in Houston, we decided in 2006, it was time to open a couture shop. 

After many brainstorming sessions, we decided upon Mia Bridal Couture.  Mia in Spanish means “mine” and during the naming process someone said, “I like Mia, because it’s all about MEEEE-a!”  That’s right, it’s all about the bride!

Mia Bridal Couture

The new shop is absolutely stunning; what was your inspiration for the new space?
We really wanted to keep the flavor of the West Gray space and mix in some glamourous and modern touches.  By using the chandeliers, vases, antique Asian panels and the specialty bubble mirror, we kept a similar feel.  We incorporated silver gray sofas, large mercury glass framed mirrors and new shiny vases to blend with the original pieces.

Bubble Mirror

What is your favorite design aspect of the new space? 
I love that the space has wonderful, comfortable couture, inviting feel about it. Brides walk in and feel welcomed, never intimidated.

Mia Bridal Couture

Describe the experience at Mia. How do you achieve creating such an amazing experience, in what can be a stressful time for a bride?  
We feel that when a bride is searching for her wedding gown that it should be a fun, enjoyable process.  We have created a space that lends itself to a wonderful experience, and our team takes it from there.  The Mia team is committed to assisting brides with their knowledge, expertise and eyes for fashion.

You were a design major in college; did you always know you wanted to work in bridal? 
I started working part time at a bridal salon in 1998, and have never looked back.  I began in the salon’s alterations department conducting fittings and worked with brides on Saturdays.  Bridal is something that is in you or it’s not.  If it’s part of you, it’s hard to think of doing anything else – it’s in me for sure!

What is one tip you give to brides when helping them choose their dream gown? 
Relax, enjoy the experience and pay attention to how you feel.  Choosing a dress, in the end, is about a feeling.  When a bride feels amazing in her gown, she will look her very best – that shows on the wedding day!

If you could choose any dress in your store, which would it be? 

The answer to that changes every time we go to market.  I chose the gown I wore for my wedding at a market and Starla and I always asks each other, “What was your favorite gown at market?” at the close of each buying trip.  Right now, I am LOVING Sareh Nouri’sstunning Sophie Hallette lace and sleeves as in the Asi gown – absolutely breathtaking!
Sareh Nouri Asi Gown

Thanks so much, Jill! Isn’t the store a complete dream? It’s everything. The sea of white, the delicious decor, the knowledgable staff, Mia Bridal Couture is simply wedding heaven. Recently engaged? Mia is your store.

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