Friday Finds



Anyone else just totally off this week? I won’t get into details because who really wants Debbie Downer on on a Friday, but whoa Nelly. Mama needs a drink and a reset button STAT. Looking forward to a clean slate next week and going to practice not being so hard on myself. Check out my Friday Finds for the weekend:

Definitely getting these flats because I’m a cool cat.

Love how The Everygirl does 30 day challenges. Thinking of attempting this one in October.

13 pairs of earrings to make any outfit.

How to build your fall wardrobe. Or just think about it if you live in Texas. It’s. So. Hot.

Brb moving to London and going to Sketch daily. 

Regardless of your political beliefs on the Syrian Refugee crisis, this little boy’s heart melts mine.

Manrepller kills it again with this story on Brangelina, Women, and Divorce. I might be #TeamJen – even though that was 11 freaking years ago and Jen is a tactful lady who is happily married to another man. This speaks to so many women out there. Girl power. I’m all about it.

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Winnie and I have a gender reveal in Dallas for our good friends; I’m thinkin’ pink! So many babies in my life these days – gotta stay away from that water. And tonight we’re going to a Penny & Sparrow concert. Haven’t heard them? You’re missing out. Check ’em out here.

Happy Friyay, party people!


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