Weekly Round Up

What’s everyone up to this weekend? I’m in Dallas for work and will drive back home Saturday night. Can’t wait to see my tribe. What are y’all up to this weekend? Do tell. If your plans are to snuggle up and surf zee web (like me) then you’ll love the links below:



Jordan Voth’s photography makes me want to cry it’s so amazing.

Total click-bate I was suckered into on Pinterest, but now all I can do is hear dogs in their respective accents. Click here for a good laugh.

Suffering from anxiety? I’m struggling with it a bit lately. Helpful method to stop a full blown attack.

Need something with a bit more substance? Read part 1 of Caroline’s story. Went to high school with this brave one. She speaks truth.

I need these in every color.

Getting back to Paleo next week. Juli is my go to on all things paleo.

Obsessed with Lovely Bride founder’s Brooklyn home… and her. Next. Level.


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