Kate Spade + Gap Kids

I loved my childhood, elementary school especially. I genuinely miss it. We had recess. Mom made my lunch. Wore my backpack slung over my one shoulder. Gap Kids was my favorite store. I pretty much crushed K-5. Childhood was really heaven on earth for me.  Since then, I’ve expanded my brand awareness to other amazing labels and designers. Fashion is a true passion. Today, though. It’s like my world’s collided. Gap + Kate Spade. WHY? WHY AM I NO LONGER A CHILD! This would’ve been ultimate jam. Please just look at the goodness of two of my favorite ready-to-wear brands created. 
Kate Spade Gap Kids
Kate Spade Gap Kids
I might have to buy this shirt. It’s my personality to a tee. #prettysneaky #XXL
Kate Spade Gap Kids
Oh hello, cutest stocking stuffer ever. High five to these mittens!
Kate Spade Gap Kids
I’m obsessed. Bow pants. Could you really get any cute? I ask you. 
The collection is so adorable, it makes me miss the days of my page-boy hair cut and jean capris. 
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