Wedding Wednesday Part 1: BHLDN Gowns

Yesterday, Anthropologie launched their new wedding boutique, BHLDN (Beholden) bbbbuuuuuutttt it was Tuesday sooo I waited. Had to take a little time to pick da favorites. I have to say, this look…. totally NOT me. I do appreciate the whimsy though.  See whatcha think…

I would love this in creme. Gray… eh, not so much. 

Flower Artwork Dress. Such a great reception dress. 

Sweeping Taffeta Ball Gown. A bit more my style.

Precious Detail. 

Tulle Era Dress. A little forties flappa-esque. 

Tiered Tulip Gown.  Kind of fun and different, no?

I think I have to do multiple posts today because I want to share all the goodies with you! Kind of a treat! What do y’all think? Like it or spike it? Lovely ladies, drop a note won’t you? 

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