Pretty Party

Today is bootiful. It really makes me want to be in my swimmie at the beach, sigh. Soon enough. Soon enough. Spring is starting to spring a little bit, but I’m kind of afraid it’s a tease. Anyone else nervous about the cold coming back to bite us in the ask? I am not letting it scare me.  And this weekend I want to go to a pawtay like this…

It is just so HAPPY!

Pink chairs, Tiffany Blue Milk Glass, Peonies. Uh-mazing. 

Eddie Ross, is a genius. You’ll be seeing lots more of him soon. Falling harder and harder in love with each passing day. This party might have to happen soon. You’re all invited. 
What should we serve? Are y’all loving this as much as I am?

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  1. February 18, 2011 / 7:34 pm

    Eddie Ross- fabulous. I want that table cloth.

    I love all of the warm, rich colors. I would never have thought to put that Tiffany blue next to the oranges and pinks, but Eddie pulled it off beautifully. Speaking of dinner parties, we need to plan a visit! xo

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