Wedding Wednesday: The Rock

I love Wednesdays. I get to talk about my favorite subject. I kind of get giddy while writing. Over share? ANYWAY, last week we had a jeweler come and speak to us about diamonds. Cue drooling. I was in heaven so I thought I’d share a little of my knowledge while making you swoon over a little sparkle. A little bling. A little ice. Frosting, if you will.

The 4 C’s are the ins and outs of diamonds. Color, Cut, Clarity, & Carat. I bet y’all think Clarity is the most important of the four. WRONG-O. It is the cut. A diamond cut too thick or not angled perfectly looses all its “fire” (the sparkle in the light) most women gawk at! Who stinking knew! 

Running a diamond over a news paper can prove its authenticity. If you can read the paper, ya rock is fake. Your rock is actually a fock. If I did this, and could read the news… I would be saying fock with a u. 

There is a huge difference between hardness and toughness. What the heck does that mean? It means your diamond can crack IN HALF if drop it a certain way. Meaning: be freaking careful. Your fiance or husband probably sold his plasma to buy you that puppy. 

Did y’all know this? Anyone getting engaged soon? What’s your dream ring? Give me your bf’s email. We’ll drop subtle hints. 


  1. February 28, 2011 / 3:17 am

    this post actually made me laugh out loud. super cute!! x

  2. March 6, 2011 / 12:14 am

    im living the life of a single-gal, but who doesn't like to think about their dream ring?! the last two sentences also made me laugh out loud – i'm such a fan! so happy to be your newest follower 🙂

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