Wedding Wednesday: Wonderful Links

Ever wonder where I get all my wedding knowledge and inspiration? Well, I thought I’d stop being selfish and give you the inside scoop. Here are some of my favorite Wedding Blogs and sites for all you newly engaged brides or crazy well-organized ladies who are planning but don’t quite have the bling yet. Its good to be prepared.

The blog is as wonderful as the name.

I mean… there are just no words. I drool every time. 

Simply Lovely.

I could spend hours upon hours on this bad boy snagging ideas for my file. Uh huh, I have a file. And it is huge. That’s what she said. 

The Ritzy Bee. Bee-utiful. 

Martha and Darcy. Need I say more?

These are only a few of my secrets, but it should get y’all well on your way. Have any favorites I left out? Would love to get in the know! Tell me! Tell me!

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